February 18, 2012
Vijaya Prasad

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JB Perette on Discovery Hulu and TVEverwhere

AdAge recently had an awesome interview with JB Perrette, the recently appointed Chief Digital Officer at Discovery Communications.  Discovery’s doing well for a reason, definitely worth reading what the man has to say. From his instrumental role in launching Hulu to how the industry needs to evolve with TV Everywhere, I’ve included two questions I thought were important, but you don’t want to miss the whole interview!


How can an industry that can’t seem to resolve some of the stickier rights issues fulfill the promise of “TV Everywhere?” 
This is an industry that deals in medium- to long-cycle contract negotiations. And so depending on where the companies fell in the cycle, a lot of terms and deal points were negotiated before anyone knew what was coming around the corner. The space moves so fast that a year from now what we’re doing today may be irrelevant. The space moves too fast for contracts to be able to properly govern, but it’s the best [system] we have.

Where does mobile fit in with the Discovery digital strategy? 
We’re going from developing content for 100 million TV households to creating experiences for a billion devices. Something like half a billion smartphones were sold last year alone. These devices are finding their way into the pockets of a consumer base that is engaged and empowered like never before, and this is where the audience is. And wherever the audience is, you’ll find Discovery.

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