February 26, 2012
Vijaya Prasad

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Blurring Lines

The tablet continues to blur the lines between phones and computers, designers and photo enthusiasts. According to Mashable, in addition to a modified version of PhotoShop,

The new app is part of Adobe’s upcoming suite of iPad “Touch” Apps. “Inspired by Adobe’s Creative Suite,” the apps include: Adobe Collage; Adobe Debut presentation software; Adobe Ideas, which will be similar to the Illustrator vector-based desktop drawing software; Adobe Kuler color theme manager; and website- prototyping and wireframe tool Adobe Proto. Adobe said these remaining apps will launch for iOS later this year and will all work with Adobe’s Creative Cloud services.

The Adobe touch for iPad app costs about ten bucks. Even if all the other apps are in the same price range, it’s a lot less than paying for the Adobe Creative Suite, especially if you don’t have access to student rates.

Certainly, there will be limitations in terms of building site on Dreamweaver and Adobe’s full line of software – but those people who are serious designers will likely find it worthwhile to splurge for the software. For those people who just want to be able to touch up photographs, while keeping their day jobs, my bet is that the iPad Touch apps will quickly pay for themselves.

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