April 24, 2012
Vijaya Prasad

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Facebook’s Slowdown?

Facebook's Untapped Potential

Facebook’s Untapped Potential (from Statista)

Facebook is used to being a big player on the social media scene – it was definitely a starting member. It’s a sign of how old you are if you remember joining the network when it first came out, when you had to have an .edu email in order to join..

Facebook has made a lot of changes since then – some good, some bad, some downright disastrous. This graphic shows that Facebook’s growth is slowing down. Is it too soon to tell? We are talking about the wake of an indulgent shopping spree.

Yesterday, “Facebook announced it would pay 550 million dollars to Microsoft for the right to 650 patents and patent applications” according to paidcontent.org.

That’s right, in the last month, they’ve spent at least 1.5 billion dollars. I’m not an industry analyst (see previous posts about leaving economics to wiser minds) but I do think it’s too soon to tell. Zuckerburg didn’t get to where he did by making stupid decisions.

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