June 2, 2012
Vijaya Prasad


Cola Wars – Tumblr

Tumblr is the social media site du jour – and with Facebook getting bad press followed by more bad press, it’s time to seriously consider social media alternatives.

The Coca Cola company has been getting some positive press with how they are using Tumblr – and for good reason. Memorial day is when pools traditionally open, bringing with it the promise of warm days and summer romances.  The season is about vacations, sunshine, BBQs, and of course enjoying a beverage with your friends. And Coke makes the case for why it should be an ice-cold Coke (or Diet Coke). I’m not a design expert, but from a user experience perspective, it’s a clean page – with a simple uncluttered design. It also successfully delivers the intended message of associating road trips, friends, summertime with Coke.

Coca Cola Tumblr

Pepsi, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to care for Tumblr (big mistake) – and that’s written all over the page. The page that hasn’t been updated since Feb 3, 2012 – almost four months to the day! Additionally, it reads like an advertisement for the show, The X Factor.  This page is dated – and not just for the lack of new content. The show – was featured last fall, The X Factor is one of many vocal competitions on television, at the very least, a countdown to the next season would update the page. And there has to be a better way of putting up the twitter feed that doesn’t remind the audience of the early days of the web.

Pepsi's Tumblr Page

Presuming, you’re someone who didn’t care for the show (and I wasn’t) but you like the summer (see above description) – there’s a clear winner in this round – and it’s Coke!

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