June 15, 2012
Vijaya Prasad

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Amazon outage: wrinkles in early cloud technology or something that happens to even the best services?


A significant Amazon Web Services(s amzn) outage, which took down popular sites including Heroku (s crm) for hours late Thursday, shows the risk of putting too many loads in one data center. While this outage occurred in Amazon’s cloud, it wasn’t just a cloud-specific problem. It shows that building in redundancy is critical — whether your app runs in your own data center or in someone else’s cloud.

In short, AWS users should make sure their workloads run across AWS regions to prevent future snafus.

As Om reported earlier, Amazon attributed the failure to a power outage affecting its U.S. East data center in Virginia. That makes sense, US East is Amazon’s oldest and biggest data center. It suffered another major outage in April 2011 and was also beset by performance problems as Amazon rebooted thousands of EC2 instances in December.

Amazon is notoriously tight-lipped about its data centers, but…

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