June 19, 2012
Vijaya Prasad

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All you Need is Love?

Not in the business world where the higher-ups may appreciate brand loyalty, but want it quantified, how does the audience  show their love for a brand, by acting on it – obvious results, translating to metrics. Saya Weissman from Digiday interviewed Matt Briton, CEO and founder of  MRY, formerly known as Mr Youth on how the roles of social media and agencies are evolving.

It’s good blogger karma to point the audience back to the original article, so please do read the whole thing. Meanwhile, here’s my favorite question answered, to give you a taste of what you’ll find over at DigiDay.

Saya Weissman: What is the role of a social media agency specifically? How is a social media agency different from other agencies? Isn’t social part of the agency role already?

Being a social media agency goes much more beyond just being an agency. Our role is being a business partner and analyzing all areas of the business: business spend, how they use their employees, data they are analyzing. It’s more than looking at one channel — it goes much more horizontally than vertically. What a brand envisions that a social media agency can provide is usually much different from what we actually do. I think a social agency at its core needs to figure out how to make a brand shareable, at all touch points, from messaging to packaging to above-the-line media. Agencies already have PR firms and digital firms, but with us it’s about how we can take all of that content and leveraging content and analytics and framework to help consumers take hold of that framework and push it out.

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