July 6, 2012
Vijaya Prasad

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Bridging Generations

Advertising Age published this great interview with Kim Kadlec, the VP of Marketing at Johnson & Johnson.There are certain companies that transcend generations, where your mom used them, and you know that the next generation will say the same thing about the products. Without a doubt, J&J is one of them.

 As usual, I’m posting my favorite question that was  answered and linking to the rest of the interview (which you’ll want to read!)

Ad Age: So what are the new Ps of marketing?

Kadlec: The first one was purpose, which is really an augmentation to the traditional price. It’s not just what things cost anymore, but the value they bring. That could be value in terms of education, in terms of making the world a better place — one example being out of Brazil for our Listerine Essentials product, where they helped young adults prepare themselves for job interviews. The idea was around ‘healthy smiles open doors.’

The second was presence, and it really brings the traditional promotion into the social age of media. One was the AcuVue campaign, where we asked teens to submit a video about their biggest dreams and beginners were able to be mentored by some of their favorite people. And Joe Jonas was one of them.

The next was proximity — anytime and anywhere media allows us to be everywhere all the time. The new place is the everyplace. Because of the new technology, we are really with our consumers in their hands, pockets and purses 24/7. One example was our Band-Aid brand and Disney around Magic Vision, which is an app that when kids point their iPads or iPhones at their Band-Aids, brings content to life with shows and games.

Another is partnership. It may be an overused term, but I think this is the biggest opportunity that we as marketers and big companies have had to stand out from a crowd.

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