October 19, 2012
Vijaya Prasad

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Choosy Moms Have Other Choices

Can there be a new hazelnut spread in town?

Perhaps French women don’t spend their evenings craving banana and Nutella crepes (not pronounced crapes) – they’re too busy not getting fat. But for those unafraid to indulge, Nutella crepes are the only type of delicious hazelnut spread to have in the warm dish. Until now, that is, if Jif has it’s way.

Both products come from companies with a long history and a varied product line. The two parent companies Italian origin Ferrero and American Smuckers differ in size and specialty. Ferrero,  is also known for those delicious gold foil wrapped hazelnut Ferrero chocolates as well as the (once upon a time) 1/2 calorie mint – tictac.

Smuckers’s US family of brands ranges includes Smucker’s,  and Folgers, to  Dunkin’ Donuts, Jif,  and Pillsbury.

Jif’s new hazelnut spread is currently showcased on Jif’s facebook page with 193,284 likes and 3,671 people talking about the products. The page itself is a Jif page not specifically the Hazelnut spread page. But those numbers don’t tell the whole story. You can easily find disagreement among fans on whether or not it measures up to Nutella.

Nutella’s facebook page has 16, 219,106 likes, and 67, 793 people talking about it – just the spread, not the other products.  A better comparison may be the Nutella USA page that promotes US-specific campaigns (109,957 likes and 5526 people talking about it.)

There’s plenty of conversation about the two different spreads on Twitter, but neither company has a twitter handle, missing out on a valuable opportunity to be a part of that conversation! Another easy way to connect to their consumer base – set up a Tumblr page and ask people to submit their favorite recipes as well as pictures of the finished dishes, perhaps on Pinterest. Easy contest opportunity! Link to videos, and YouTube gets involved.

Social media 101: it’s a two-way conversation.

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