October 23, 2012
Vijaya Prasad

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apple+responsive design

Unless you’re living off the grid, chances are you’ve heard the big Apple announcements today: the 4th gen iPad, the iPad mini and on and on. The digital world is dynamic and with people ‘consuming’ media on multiple devices, how do you make sure that they get a great experience regardless of whether it’s on a tablet, smart phone, laptop, or traditional television?

That’s where Responsive Design comes in. According to Social Driver, its defined as:

A way of creating websites so they are able to adapt for optimal viewing across a variety of devices.

Social Driver highlights three things that Responsive Design can do: connect with your audience, staying on budget by creating one site that works with multiple models (for example on an iPhone and a Droid), and “get with the future” or stay ahead of the curve.

Social Driver (a Washington DC company with images on their homepage that makes me miss fall at home) ran a series on responsive design back in June; “3 Reasons you should know about responsive web design” was the first in the series” and an article you should check out if you want to go directly to the source.

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