July 25, 2013
Vijaya Prasad

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the mean girls watch their magazines

Back in the day, when I was in late elementary and middle school, you watched television and read magazines. In the pre Hulu, Netflix, YouTube era, if you weren’t allowed to buy Seventeen Magazine, then your friends’ older sisters provided their copies of YM and the afore-mentioned Seventeen Magazine, sometimes supplemented by Teen Magazine and the occasional Tiger Beat to obsess over one Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Things have certainly changed. 

According to yesterday’s press release from Condé Nast Entertainment,(CNE) the company just launched the Teen Vogue video channel, making it the sixth in CNE’s digital video network. Content for the new channel includes five original series inspired by the Teen Vogue brand, including two celebrity based shows (Breakfast with Bevan and Besties), two reality series based around style, makeovers and design, (My Room Makeover and Fashion at Work) and a hosted beauty show (3 Steps to…). As with all of the CNE digital channels, the content will be distributed across all platforms including the official Teen Vogue video site  and YouTube channel  as well as through syndicated partnerships.

Teen Vogue‘s millennial audience looks to us for the latest in fashion, beauty and pop culture and we’re continually evolving how we engage with them across all platforms…Digital is especially important given its increasingly central role in the Teen Vogue experience. Through this collaboration with Condé Nast Entertainment, we’re able to present the type of unique video programming our audience is looking for.”

Teen Vogue Editor-In-Chief Amy Astley

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