LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman On Two Realistic Outcomes Of Teaching Everyone To Code

The benefits of understanding the basics of coding


On a regular basis, we get pitched with major tech industry initiatives to broaden computer science education. A day after Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates signed on to a new initiative from to inspire 10 million new computer programmers, education startup General Assembly launched a tool for self-taught coding. And, just a few weeks earlier, Square CEO Jack Dorsey sat down with House Minority leader, Nancy Pelosi, to chat about a new “coding camp” for young girls.

But after everyone and their mother can code if-then loops, then what? There are many college-trained computer programmers who never use their coding skills and a sizable share of CS majors who can’t get hired in Silicon Valley.

Who caught up with LinkedIn Co-Founder and nice-guy enthusiastReid Hoffman, at the launch event to ask about why he was supporting their initiative. He has some refreshingly realistic ideas about what happens…

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