January 31, 2014
Vijaya Prasad

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Advertising Sunday or the Day of that Big Game

As a junior or senior in high school, many years ago, I remember going to an all girls’ Super Bowl party, where we  watched the advertisements, and tried to remember key plays so we could sound informative the next day with the boys. Oh high school, as Charles Dickens wrote

it was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

Fast forward a decade or so and some things haven’t changed. I still “watch” the game for the advertising and this year Budweiser has the ad to beat – the story of a puppy and a horse that love each other so much, your heart might actually break that they’re separated:

For cord cutters and fans alike, watching the big game at a bar might be the preferred option but it’s not the only one.

Fox Sports: starting at 10am/7am PT will air both  will live stream the game itself, and a bunch of additional Super Bowl programming on its website as well as via its iPhone and iPad app. The pregame show starts at 2pm ET/11am PT; the actual Super Bowl is at 6pm ET/3pm PT

Verizon mobile and FIOS customers can also catch the action on NFL Mobile, which is available on Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and Blackberry devices.  An NFL Mobile subscription will cost you $5 a month – the price of a latte, a deal for any NFL fan!

The NFL audio pass offers access to a live audio feed of the Super Bowl; it’ll cost you about 10 bucks and is available  available worldwide.

Hulu once again has plenty of Super Bowl ads available through its Adzone.

YouTube’s Ad Blitz lets you watch, and then vote on, the best Super Bowl ads – this is where I’ll be watching

**I got my info from a GigaOm article– in the interest of full disclosure and giving credit where credits due


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