April 6, 2015
Vijaya Prasad

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Only Time will Tell

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 9.07.43 AMLast fall, a former co-worker started wearing an admittedly cool Android smart watch – one that synced to his phone, his texts, his calendars etc. And it was sleek – black with a round face, it didn’t look like an obvious piece of new technology.

Watches have been status symbols for a few hundred years. That’s longer than Apple has been a successful company; before there were smart phones, cell phones or landlines; and before modern history as we’ve known it.

My friend’s watch is cool, unfortunately there are a few undeniable truths when it comes to technology. Unlike a Rolex, where the product’s value increases over time, an electronic loses value over time. It’s like a new car, worth less the moment you buy it. And the other is that there is always a newer, cooler, snazzier product on the market.

Inc. recently published an article about the Apple watch (and how it’s decimating the competition), the writers focused on Apple targeting casual runners – which is evident in this commercial as well. As well as travelers, anyone with a busy schedule, men, women, and Disney fans.

For someone who would want an 18-karat gold band model Apple Watch (perhaps George Clooney or his friends), there is a $17,000 version. For everyone else, the watch starts at $349,the mid tier model starts at $549, and there’s the deluxe private jet version that starts at $10,000.

Cnet’s review described what differentiates the watch:

Apple’s watch is the one of the first mainstream wearables to support mobile payments: Apple Pay will be enabled via NFC, meaning you can swipe to pay at stores, and possibly pay for things online, too — and open doors at hotels, among other things.

One thing it can’t do? Let you go back in time and buy Apple stock! This is Apple’s first brand new product since the iPad – which despite its name and price tag has been a successful product. But in a world where we’re talking about being less connected, about going off the grid, and about privacy – will a product that lets you share your heart rate (useful if you’re suffering an assassination attempt like James Bond did in Casino Royale)  be Apple’s next disruptive product?

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