May 6, 2015
Vijaya Prasad

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The watch of the people, sorry kids

Apple has been the go-to brand for all things cool for…a while now. April’s big product to hit the stores was the Apple Watch. German car company VolksWagen, perhaps hoping to cash in on the branding of young and cool, announced their new feature: VW’s Car-Net®  –

…will enable Apple Watch functionality for many new Volkswagen vehicles. The Apple Watch app will be available globally on all VW Car-Net® enabled vehicles allowing for enhanced connectivity on the go.

vw-logo1VW was the car for the flower children we now call our parents and possibly grandparents. I have a soft spot for the car company – my first car was an old Jetta (RIP) – but it recognizes that in order to stay competitive, it needs to evolve. And this could be that hook – be associated to the next coolest thing – become an extended part of the Apple family, and the generation that grew up with iPhones and iPads will fondly remember the VW as that car that spoke to their parents’ iWatch.

According to Tuesday’s (5/5) VW press release:

The Car-Net® app for Apple Watch will allow VW customers to control a host of features and functions that are available through the Car-Net mobile app and Customer Web Portal directly from their wrist. Owners can keep an eye on their vehicle from afar, remotely locking and unlocking doors and viewing the status of doors, windows and sun roof (open or closed). Finding a parked vehicle is a snap, with a map of the current vehicle location, walking or driving directions to the vehicle and the ability to honk the horn and flash the lights remotely. Customers can also receive speed and boundary alert notifications to monitor certain drivers in their households.

That last part might not make the car too popular with the kids- how can you effectively sneak out of the house or pick up your best friend and go to the mall (do kids still do that) instead of the library if your car is literally telling on you? That’s not even a fair fight. Or perhaps it’s really a statement about how the car that was once the symbol for a disillusioned youth now represents authority, control and supports invasions of privacy. And the Establishment. How could you, VW?

Check out the images below and for more information visit VW’s info page on CarNet

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