May 12, 2015
Vijaya Prasad

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You’ve Got Verizon

465370-verizon-buying-aolAOL’s instant messenger was part of the first wave of social media. There was Compuserve, MSN Messenger (Spoiler Alert – I grew up with IM) – but before there was gchat or g-anything, there was AIM. For a generation, it was part of the freshman in college experience – why give someone your number when you could give them your AOL screen-name? Is your hall-mate back yet – check to see if she’s signed back on after winter break. Sigh! The memories.

The big news for Verizon/AOL today is obviously that AOL is being acquired for 4.4 billion dollars. I remember friends’ siblings who worked for AOL in the mid nineties I really hope they kept their stocks.

Obviously a large part of a telecommunications giant acquiring a media and ad technology company is gaining access to those platforms. Here’s a good article that identifies five things you should know about the deal. Yahoo and Google on the other hand, are probably not thrilled at the competition. If you want to read about how the deal affects Marissa Myers, Shingy and the consumer, you’ll want to read this Quartz article.

Given BuzzFeed’s success with videos, I think we can all expect to see content coming from AOL/Verizon that builds on AOL’s brand and market access with content.

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