August 21, 2015
Vijaya Prasad

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Felicity Alumni: What Happened After the Series Credits Rolled?

Two shows hit the then-WB network in the late 90’s that caused parents to panic: Dawson’s Creek and Felicity. One gave us Katie Holmes and James Van der Beek – the other Kerri Russell, Scott Foley, and J.J.Abrams. If those worried parents only knew that Gossip Girl wasn’t far behind…

Hulu currently has the entire run of Felicity – and many cast members have gone on to bigger, perhaps better known roles. The shows does what television is supposed to do  — it tells a story and does so well. It builds from a beginning to an end, in a way that is very organic. And it’s relatable – from sexual assaults to majoring in something that your parents don’t approve of – I’ve always maintained that college is about so much more than what you learn in a classroom but it’s a shared experience.   Seventeen years late, does a tv show about finding your friend- family still have anything to teach the world?

Who you are when you start college and who you are when you graduate are light-years apart.  Good writing stands the test of time even as technology would make some storylines not work (anything about people missing each other that cell phones solves for).

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