August 31, 2015
Vijaya Prasad

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Your app Friday

If you’re in the Bay area, you might be one of the lucky few people who’s gotten early access to Facebook’s new Virtual Assistant, or your app Friday… M. M is talented

examples of what M can do: Make restaurant reservations. Find a birthday gift for your spouse. Suggest—and then book—weekend getaways.

It sounds like it could save a relationship or two, if it did all those things collectively. And have flowers delivered.

The tool uses both virtual intelligence/data/stalking your digital life and real people to figure out what you need. From booking Ubers to surprising people with cupcakes, it’s nothing if it’s not innovative. If you want to know more about how the app works, I strongly recommend reading the Wired article for an in-depth description. From that Wired article,

M is a hybrid. It’s a virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence as well as a band of Facebook employees, dubbed M trainers, who will make sure that every request is answered.

While I love living in Los Angeles, just once, I wish Facebook would use this city as a test market instead of San Francisco – we’re in the same timezone! Till then, I’ll be waiting impatiently, but bet that one day, it’ll be M waiting on me!

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