August 31, 2015
Vijaya Prasad

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The Unavoidable Death of Flash

No, not the CW television show about the action hero. But for Adobe Flash, Google has spoken – and starting tomorrow – it will automatically pause advertisements (users can un-pause manually) that are being displayed in Flash. Why would they want to do that— you might want to ask. The short answer is User experience, technology changes, and it’s time. The long answer, is that this was inevitable.

Back in 2011, four years ago, Giga-Om reported that Adobe had abandoned working on flash for mobile. 

It’s not a huge surprise that it came to this, since Adobe had been struggling to optimize the performance, and the tide has been turning toward HTML5.

Web pages are increasingly getting bigger— and therefore slower to load. Again, in 2014 from GigaOm:

Part of the web bloat is from a rise in images and custom CSS on webpages. CSS sizes are up 24 percent while image sizes are up 21 percent. Flash on webpages is continuing a slow, expected march toward death and decreased 13 percent this year.

Flash also eats up your laptop battery – and in a world where we’re constantly on the move, that’s a problem.  What’s next, there are going to be some unhappy advertisers out there. Out with the old, in with HTML5. Google, wouldn’t be Google if they didn’t have a plan. Convert Ads to Html5.

Ps: want to learn HTML5? W3Schools is one resource to learn it. Suggestions for others?

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