October 2, 2015
Vijaya Prasad

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Amazon putting Amazon first

If you’ve ever been around two fans of the Apple universe, you understand that the conversation is pretty much two people agreeing with each other about how amazing Apple products are, how those products talk to each other and work seamlessly. In the interest of full disclosure, I’m one of those people – I like consuming content on my apple tv – and while I won’t be updating right now to the new apple tv when it rolls out, I know enough about it to have conversations with other apple fans.

Amazon just announced that it would no longer be selling Google Chrome and Apple streaming gadgets, essentially because they don’t fit in to the Amazon universe. Perhaps that’s fair. Or perhaps, it’s Amazon buying into the idea that if they stop selling their competitor’s products, their sales will increase. If it’s the latter, then it’s a weak argument.

The folks over at Digiday spoke to eMarketer media analyst Paul Verna —this is what he had to say:

Amazon’s decision hurts consumers more than its competitors…(it) said won’t have a “significant bearing” on Google’s or Apple’s sales since both products are available in several retailers.

I think if anything, this speaks to the weakness of Amazon’s product – that they can’t compete with Apple’s gigantic influence and have to stoop to new levels to convince their consumer base that theirs is the product worth having. Yes, the Amazon content world is competitive and can be expensive.  This summer – the CBS show Under the Dome was available on Amazon four days after the show aired with Amazon paying $900,000 per episode. For a season that’s 12-14 episodes long, that’s quite the coup for CBS.

Ultimately, for the smart consumer, the one who does her research, this move will likely not be of any great significance. You wouldn’t buy a car on impulse, why would you buy a streaming device without talking to people to find out what works and what doesn’t?

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