January 18, 2016
Vijaya Prasad

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Foursquare without Dennis Crowley

From its initial release at the end of the last decade, FourSquare has famously gone through multiple iterations – I’d go so far as saying attempting to fix something that wasn’t broken when they re-branded and introduced Swarm. Normally that improves a social network..

dennis-crowley-sxsw-hed-2012The major change announced last week is that founder Dennis Crowley is changing his role. According to the press release on the site:

Our co-founder Dennis Crowley, whom many of you know personally if not by name, is stepping into a new role as executive chairman—a full-time position that’ll give him the professional freedom to do all the visionary thinking, creative brainstorming, new product launching and (of course) nonstop tweeting with you, his friends and followers and our valued community of Foursquare and Swarm app users.

Almost two years ago, in February of 2014, Microsoft invested in Foursquare, and I didn’t have high hopes for that move. Early last summer, Fortune Magazine writer Jason Cipriani  was optimistic for the round of changes.

The re-gamification of check ins will unlock stickers at venues, or when certain phrases are typed, which is kind of like the digital equivalent of a passport stamp. Stickers can then be used to mark an occasion, send in a message to another Foursquare user, or placed in photos attached to your check-in.

According to reports, Swarm will have true Mayorships once again, along with a new aspect called Coins (a scoring system of sorts that has yet to be announced).

Check-in (get it?) to this site to stay updated on what Crowley does next, on Foursquare and beyond!

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