June 1, 2016
Vijaya Prasad

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Mimosas, Omelettes, and Time Inc

If you’re a fan of brunch – and who doesn’t love eating and day-drinking with friends, you’re in a for a perfectly sugared beignet! Mimosas, a personal brunch staple, are believed to have debuted around 1925 (another win for the roaring 20’s!) but Time Inc.‘s new blog on breakfast and (you guessed it) brunch, Extra Crispy was announced today. From the site:

Welcome to Extra Crispy. Through bloody marys, sweat, and beers, our editors, writers, designers, and developers have worked hard to create a place where food looks good and feels accessible. We’ll be exploring plenty of the stuff you’re counting on—like bacon, coffee, and booze—but we’ll also be turning over unexpected stones to hopefully get you thinking about breakfast outside the (cereal) box. With minimal puns. Mostly.


Blood orange mimosa anyone? Cheers!

According to  Business Wire

Extra Crispy is a multi-platform brand with a digital property, social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest and live experiences.

It’s pretty timely – something contemporary in the age of Pinterest and Instagram  – brunch says weekend, walking to the Park or Farmers Market (if you’re Cali based like I am), or perhaps a lazy mimosa after a hard Orange Theory Fitness class. Breakfast might be that thing that you grab with your coffee on your way out the door for your morning commute.

Is it me or does their site have you craving a Greek egg-white omelette with a mimosa…

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