June 28, 2016
Vijaya Prasad

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baby daddy aka it takes a village

If you took the 1980’s film Three Men and a Baby got updated, diversified the cast to add a female best friend, and a single grandmother in denial, you’d get the Freeform Show Baby Daddy. 

A Deadline article noted

The lines between family and friends are so wonderfully crossed in ‘Baby Daddy.’ You can always count on the Wheeler clan for a big laugh along with heartfelt moments,” said Karey Burke, executive vice president, Programming and Development, Freeform.

While the show has a predictable nature to it and often goes for the obvious jokes, it’s easy to see why it fits into the Freeform lineup. It’s a feel-good sitcom that literally shows it takes a village to raise a child. Its success is confirmed in the show’s recent renewal for its sixth season – which would bring the show to a grand total of 100 episodes!


TAHJ MOWRY, CHELSEA KANE, JEAN-LUC BILODEAU, KAYLEIGH AND SURA HARRIS, DEREK THELER, MELISSA PETERMAN (picture from abc press site: disneyabcpress.com/freeform/shows/baby-daddy/photos)

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