July 7, 2016
Vijaya Prasad

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Curry strikes again

During the most recent NBA Championships, Steph Curry + company got in some trouble with the media for what was viewed as poor sportmanship. Tempers flared, tweets composed, referres were accused of showing preferential treatment. Social media can backfire, not the first time, not the last.

Curry is one hell of a basketball player (2016 MVP for starters), he’s a great dad (to the very precocious daughter, Riley)…but did you know he’s a Girl Scout?

Okay, not really – as a one-time girl scout, I feel confident stating that the Girls Scouts association would have a problem with him not fitting the traditional demographic…but he sure had fun pretending he was selling girl scout cookies to surprise some kids with an overnight basketball camp. Check out the video below –  whether or not you’re a Warriors fan, it’s a really sweet gesture! Just Curry being Curry!

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