August 22, 2016
Vijaya Prasad

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Back to Nostalgia

If you’re a Gilmore Girls fan, you know the show – Gilmore Girls: a Year in the Life is returning to the small screen – ie. Netflix on Thanksgiving, 2016. Presumably,  you’ll stock up on coffee, junk food, and sweats for a marathon viewing session  post-Thanksgiving. Earlier this year, Netflix came out with Fuller House, Abc Family/Freeform launched Girl Meets World – or Corey and Topanga are parents to a teenager. Which got me thinking – what are some other shows that were left unfinished – where someone (the original creators please) should take a stab at a revival? Here are my thoughts – the ranking system is an unscientific 1-10 with 10 being a likely to happen and 1 being Keep Dreaming.

1. What About Brian -This show premiered in 2006 and lasted two season before being pulled. The title character, Bryan, is the only single guy among this friends – and at 34, he is still searching for love. The show is meant to be about the adventurous side of dating in LA.

None of the main cast are currently committed to new projects – Barry Watson, Matt Davis is on the Vampire Diaries (Spoiler – that show is ending next year), Sarah Lancaster, Rick Gomez, and Amanda Detmer might all be willing to resurrect their old roles. Is Brian married, in a long term committed relationship, over his best friend’s fiancee? Or maybe the revival starts with him being at the alter.

Best Guess at the Chances of the show being revived? 6-7.


2. Studio Sixty on the Sunset Strip – NBC made the bright decision to air two very similar shows in the fall of 2006, and Thirty-Rock, the half hour comedy won out over Aaron Sorkin’s hour long drama. Fresh off The West Wing going off the air, chances were if you were a fan of political drama, you might’ve watched the behind-the-comedy-show drama. I certainly did.

Truthfully, the cast was more expensive – Amanda Peet, Mathew Perry post-Friends, and Bradley Whitford ie. Joshua Lyman were major characters and the premises too similar. The show was smart, well-written, with an impeccable cast. The amazing thing about shows airing in the naughts before competition from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon etc. has to be that the show was on air for its entire season as opposed to being pulled after just a few episodes.

Best Guess at the Chances of the show being revived? Less than zero


3. Happy Endings. I have to admit that I loved Friends, I grew up with that show and remember the original Must See TV ads in a land before Shonda Rhimes. This show was really what happens if you’re in the late 20s/early 30s and haven’t found that ever after – your friends are your family, but don’t live across the hall from you, and you actually worry about things like paying rent and having a job. Yes, it happens to be more racially diverse, the cast had impeccably chemistry, and the writing was self deprecating.

Damon Wayans Jr. is back on New Girl, but the cast did get together for Vulture Festival Cast Reunion in May, 2016. NYMag published the cast’s view on What might’ve Been. Me? I think we could still find out on Netflix – pretty please? We deserved a better ending than the one we got. Gilmore Girls is coming back after 10 years, perhaps Happy Endings – Penny’s Best Year – will air before 2023.  There is definitely more story to tell!

Best Guess at the Chances of the show being revived? 2-3.

4. Smash. Before she was Paige Dineen on the CBS show Scorpio, Katherine McPhee was in a far more glamorous role playing Karen Cartwright on the NBC show Smash. Starring Debra Messing, Jack Davenport, and Megan Hilty, this show was overflowing with talent when it came out. Both Hilty and McPhee are professionally trained vocalists and this was an opportunity for them to display their talents. The show, which was backed by Stephen Spielberg allegedly cost $4 million dollars an episode to produce (let that sink in) – and was cancelled after two seasons. Poor ratings, complicated plots, cost – here’s one explanation.

Best Guess at the Chances of the show being revived? Less than zero – none of the cast members are waiting around for the phone to ring.

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