December 13, 2016
Vijaya Prasad

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party of bravermans gilmores and bunheads

The Gilmore Girls is nothing if not an ode to pop-culture. From all the books that Rory Gilmore read over her years at Chilton and Yale, to their love for movies, it’s appropriate that their pop culture references moved at the rate of their dialogue. Fortunately, Netflix’s gift from the TV-gods this thanksgiving gave us the chance to see our favorites reunited on the small screen. And of course tv worlds collided with cameos from the cast of Lauren Graham and Kelly Bishop’s next tv worlds.

Parenthood Alumni:

After Gilmore Girls wrapped up, Lauren Graham moved to another television universe when she became a Braverman, with a tumultuous relationship with her family, as a single parent.


Would Rory and Amber be friends? I don’t think so!*

Lauren Graham: obviously, but she’s an original Gilmore Girl. Her alter ego is Sarah Braverman

Peter Krause: as the park ranger who wouldn’t let Lorelei Gilmore experience her Wild (book not movie) adventure. He played the oldest sibling – Adam Braverman

Mae Whitman – The other daughter. Enough said. But also known as Amber Holt.

*Lauren Graham with her two on-screen daughters Alexis Bledel from Gilmore Girls and Mae Whitman from Parenthood at the ATX Television Festival. Credit: Courtesy Lauren Graham/Twitter

Jason Ritter – Mark Cyr in Parenthood, plays the Park Ranger who does accept Lorelai’s hiking permit, is the English teacher that Sarah Braverman falls for in the Parenthood universe.

Sidenote: Lauren Graham’s characters have a habit of falling for their daughters’ English teachers!

Bunhead Alumni

This abc-family/freeform show about a ballet school in Paradise, California –  sadly only lasted a single season – but Amy Sherman Palladino’s post Gilmore Girls project lives on. Kelly Bishop played the ballet teacher, Fanny Flowers and Sutton Foster  played her (spoiler) widowed daughter-in-law who inherits Fanny’s home and dance school, and subsequently moves to Paradise.

imagesSutton Foster – a “super fan“plays a struggling actress in Stars Hollow, cast in the musical (and stuns with her amazing voice!)

Julia Goldani Telles plays Sadie, a potential employer and E-I-C of a trendy lifestyle website. In Bunheads, she was Queen B.

Bailey de Young, was a fellow Bunhead, and also played Heidi in the GG revival.

Stacey Orisano, who played the eccentric but lovable Truly Stone on Bunheads was Fall in GG – living out her own version of Wild.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that you can watch the entire series of Parenthood on Netflix and (thank-you abc!) you can reconnect with Bunheads on freeform online


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