A mediocre superbowl

Anyone with a pulse would tell you that this year’s Super Bowl was slow-paced, lacked drama, and had many people wondering how a single game could feel like it lasted for an entire month. There have been some memorable ads of  SuperBowls past, ones that make you believe in magic and the power of  a child’s imagination. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case this year – unless you’re one of the millions of Game of Thrones fans – there seemed to be an overall theme of boring audiences all over the country. 

 Which is why it was nice to hear about Nike’s new ad that shows empowered women. Now more than ever, we can’t be complacent about advocating for ourselves – and that’s the story that’s told here. While the most recognizable faces may be Serena Williams and Simone Biles – there are countless trailblazers that are featured about women who have beaten the odds to create sports history.

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