2019 in a bulleted list!

No. 5 All I Want for Christmas…is to break music records
If you’re curious as to how a song that came out 25 years ago is still on the Billboard charts, you’re not the only one. After a quarter century, the holiday season wouldn’t be the same without Mariah Carey’s version of “All I want for Christmas is You.” It’s no accident that the songs on the chart – according to the New York Times

” But it boasts by far the most miraculous journey, spanning three decades, with a surge in recent years thanks in part to a technology-driven shift in listener habits, including the ubiquity of holiday playlists, and renewed marketing muscle. Perhaps above all else, there is the sturdiness of the songwriting on what many consider to be a final modern entry into the Christmas song canon.”

If you’re curious enough to want to read more, the New York Times has you covered

No. 4: Oops I did it Again Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have been “feuding” publicly for a while now, and this past year have been busy promoting their respective beverage companies. It might’ve seemed like a good idea to share marketing efforts – but this rather brutal ad where Reynolds worked hard on an ad for Jackman’s coffee brand, and Jackman – well poured anything but his heart into Aviation Gin in return, is absolutely good for a laugh.

No. 3 You want a hot body, you better work B*&^%
Someone, somewhere thought this ad was a good idea – turns out they were wrong. If you don’t believe me, trust this Business Insider article that says Peloton’s stock dropped 9% or about $962 million dollars in a single day after the ad aired. Fortunately for the people who work for Peloton, and perhaps for the people who made the ad – stock came back up the Monday after thanksgiving about 4.5%. The ad, however remains tone deaf.

No. 2: And I did it My Way (it just might not have worked out like I thought…)
Few would have suspected that when WeWork announces it was filing its IPO on August 14, that by November of this year, just three months later, not only would there be new leadership and a bailout, but that 2400 employees would also unfortunately lose their jobs in a mass layoff. The company’s failed IPO resulted in its value sinking from $47 billion to about $8 billion For a more detailed timeline, read this Business Insider piece.

No. 1 I’ve got you Babe
Ryan Reynolds made this list twice – at least for me. After the disastrous Peloton ad, Ryan’s team was quick to reach out to the actress to come up with a counter ad. It’s tongue in cheek – very reflective of the Reynolds’ brand – but more importantly, it reflects the best of how a smart and motivated team can put together an ad that captures an appropriate reaction to a marketing disaster.

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