Vijaya Prasad

crafting digital narratives|| media aficionado || the nation's capital

Nice to meet you,

I’m Vijaya – a writer, a blogger, and a sometimes media critic, who believes in the power of the free press.

Professionally, I graduated from journalism school (Go Orange) and landed in digital production, working on websites and projects, across multiple industries, for about a decade.

01: Vijaya

I’m exploring what this next stage is looking like – a space that can be both petrifying and wildly exciting.

Fortunately, the DMV has been my anchor for almost 3 decades. And one of the things about life is that the only constant is change.


02: Blog|| digital Media

  • Life in 2020 – the 3rd Place

    What does the 3rd place look like, how does community get formed and maintained when you’re not seeing people on a regular basis?

  • Reclaiming the 4th Estate

    Eight years ago, the US looked very different. Back in August 2012 we were three months short of reelecting President Barack Obama, the Tea Party was a thing, and we weren’t as polarized a country as we are now. The first season of HBO’s The Newsroom, was without a doubt, the best one of the…