Digital Media

If Digital Media was a city, it would be San Francisco – unapologetically suave, newer than its competition, and aware that it owes a debt to those other cities that have paved the way. As recently as a decade ago, digital media was new; today any company that considers itself competitive and appealing to millennials, understands the non negotiable role of a digital strategy. Digital Media isn’t the first, it’s the latest – it’s intersection of the narrative, data, user experience, and distribution of the message.

In Other Words: Editorial, Analytics, Social, and User-Experience.

Digital media requires moving quickly to deliver an exceptional experience across platforms, to an increasingly sophisticated and diverse audience.

As a Digital Content Producer, I have experience in web-content management for multiple industries including media, finance, and healthcare. From curating, creating cropped-the-bar-harbor-set-027.jpgand ideating content, to asset management, to traffic management and the QA process, I bring eight years of experience in the digital world. Digital Media has repeatedly proven its dynamic quality – and yet its role is essentially that of a storyteller, something that advertisers and journalists have been doing since before the Mad Men era. The question, then, is what’s the narrative you want for your brand?

I’m based in California but work globally (as one does) and am available for freelance projects. My extensive experience in digital media includes:

  • Experience curating and producing content on websites and social media
  • Copywriting & copyediting skills
  • Experience working with entertainment and consumer product content
  • Knowing my way around content management systems
  • An Entrepreneurial spirit and passion about seeing your ideas come to life


To contact me or chat about how I can use my skills to help you, please visit my Linkedin page, but you may also follow me on twitter and instagram

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