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  • live – the twitter meltdown

    Members of a certain generation – aka elder millennials – have been here before, where we’ve invested in social platforms and then seen their slow demise. But unlike Tumblr, MySpace, and AOL im, and Vine, to name a few – Twitter holds the distinction of self-destructing in real time. HeadcountBesides the 11,000 Twitter employees who […]

  • gen z’s millennial memory lane

    I get it, we (Gen Y) are the cooler, older generation — they (Gen Z) can’t publicly like or admit that we have any style, ideas, or identity. But you know what – from Ginny and Georgia to Pretty Little Liars – Original Sin to Buzz Lightyear, to don’t trust the bitch in apartment 23 […]

  • Whatever Happened to Baby Clubhouse

    When it hit the market, Clubhouse erupted as the social media platform – it was exclusive, invite only, and disruptive in how it delivered content. It also came out at a time when people were stuck inside and were craving real time human interaction. I wrote about how it had potential to be a channel […]

  • Clubhouse, access, and social change

    Back in the day, in the 2000s, clubbing meant loud Christina Aguilera or Justin Timberlake music, drinks, dancing with your girlfriends, and excitement at where the nights took you. In fact as I write this, I’m listening to Dirty – old school (or just old) Aguilera. The app Clubhouse however has borrowed from the old […]

  • AIRBnB TAKES A STAND for security

    Shonda Rhimes’ show Scandal had seemingly incredible events occur in the fictional Fitzgerald Grant’s Presidency. Affairs, dead marriages, stolen elections, influential donors with elitist agendas that helped them and their friends get richer, hypocrisy, a president out of control….it’s almost like Trump saw how unbelievable it was and was like “hold my beer.”  To be […]

  • the day social Media said enough

    First it was Twitter, then Facebook and Instagram, and Pinterest got on board. I’m talking about banning the President in light of the events on January 6 in the nation’s capital. Next, Apple and Google announced that the Parler app wouldn’t be available on their respective platforms.  Finally, and I mean finally, Amazon got on […]

  • Life in 2020 – the 3rd Place

    What does the 3rd place look like, how does community get formed and maintained when you’re not seeing people on a regular basis?

  • Reclaiming the 4th Estate

    Eight years ago, the US looked very different. Back in August 2012 we were three months short of reelecting President Barack Obama, the Tea Party was a thing, and we weren’t as polarized a country as we are now. The first season of HBO’s The Newsroom, was without a doubt, the best one of the […]