digital journey

As a Digital Media professional, I’m fascinated by the integrated nature of the digital world – it truly pulls from multiple disciplines. From mobile first to social media channels, digital analytics and user experience, editorial content’s many delivery channels and the bottom line – this is a field that pulls from business, strategy, psychology, data, design and content.
How information is accessed and distributed, how editorial strategy is influenced by user consumption – the conversation is multifaceted and fascinating. Most importantly, it’s constantly evolving and I’ve been fortunate to work for multiple fortune 500 media conglomerates and seen the inner workings of these elements in action.

It’s exciting because it’s literally infiltrated every aspect of how we consume information. Dynamic, because digital media is evolving quickly into something that translates into measurable analytics. And it’s imperative because living in the media world necessitates living in the digital world. You’re engaging in the latter every time you look at a website, when you click through a slide show, and when you post a comment on an article. It’s that easy.

Digital media is changing how we view television, read newspapers and magazines, and even view advertising.  Watching a show: on television, your tablet, smart phone or laptop? Are you following along on Twitter, logging into GetGlue, and simultaneously increasing your KLOUT score?

Which brings me to this blog – Digital media, nostalgia in Television, social networks and the like. Content might be royalty, but she’s throwing the party!

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