An original infographic on why Orange Theory Fitness (aka OTF) is the workout you didn’t know you needed.

As part of my role at City National Bank, I helped create websites on Sharepoint 2013. Here’s a glimpse at what that process looked like.

Part of a new series called Branching Out, a Q&A with branch managers across the US, with colorful updates on their regions and business objectives.

Promotional article on CNB’s site InfoLink, for a high profile event. “The second event in the three-part series will deploy on May 12 and focus on the impact
of the first 100 days of the Biden presidency and what his policies mean for investments & the economy.”

Blog post & mobile app content for abc.oscars.com

The 2013 Oscars.com producers team worked both on both web and mobile platforms This included performing QA checks on multiple mobile devices & updating content to deliver the best experience across platforms.

In an excerpt from her website Suparna Bhasin says,  “Through interactive workshops, intensive retreats, innovative books and media, plus a supportive community, we educate and inspire women to take action and make a difference in their world, ultimately leading to change everywhere.”

The eight Advaita members incorporate everything from the sarangi, the table, bass, keyboards, guitars, drums and of course vocals and their music embodies the best of global influences. Think Pink Floyd meets the sitar, meets Ustaad Nsrat Fateh Ali Khan and you get a really mellow, easy sound that’s conducive to poetry and rainy days or cooking for a dinner party with friends.

For Tom Szaky, it started with a dream, the environmentalist itch, and a little weed. Fast-forward to a decade later, and it’s clear that Szaky has come a long way.

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