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Nice to meet you,

I’m Vijaya – a writer, a blogger, and a sometimes media critic, who believes in the power of the free press.

Professionally, I graduated from journalism school (Go Orange) and landed in digital production, working on websites and projects, across multiple industries, for about a decade.

01: Vijaya

I’m exploring what this next stage is looking like – a space that can be both petrifying and wildly exciting.

Fortunately, the DMV has been my anchor for almost 3 decades. And one of the things about life is that the only constant is change.


02: Blog|| digital Media

  • Nikes are a girl’s best friend

    Tiffany and Co. is teasing a new venture – with athletic company Nike, there’s no press release, no big announcement, except for social media channels. The jeweler brand has been targeting a younger generation – that’s no secret. Earlier this week Fast Company reported, “the NBA released an Instagram video showing LeBron James walking underneath Madison Square…

  • working with cancer pledge and leading by example

    It was a warm June day in 2020, and my close friend Annie was crying – her dad had cancer. He’d expectedly lost some weight after weight loss surgery, so he didn’t think it was concerning when it kept happening. And then came the diagnosis – Esophageal cancer, and according to, has an overall…

  • live:the twitter meltdown

    Members of a certain generation – aka elder millennials – have been here before, where we’ve invested in social platforms and then seen their slow demise. But unlike Tumblr, MySpace, and AOL im, and Vine, to name a few – Twitter holds the distinction of self-destructing in real time. HeadcountBesides the 11,000 Twitter employees who…

  • gen z’s millennial envy

    I get it, we (Gen Y) are the cooler, older generation – they (Gen Z) can’t publicly like or admit that we have any style, ideas, or identity. But you know what – from Ginny and Georgia to Pretty Little Liars – Original Sin to Buzz Lightyear, to don’t trust the bitch in apartment 23…