gen z’s millennial envy

I get it, we (Gen Y) are the cooler, older generation – they (Gen Z) can’t publicly like or admit that we have any style, ideas, or identity. But you know what – from Ginny and Georgia to Pretty Little Liars – Original Sin to Buzz Lightyear, to don’t trust the bitch in apartment 23 (James Van Der Beek as himself) to the reboots of Gossip Girl and soon, Ally McBeal – without the misogyny this time, I hope – one thing is clear: Gen Y and our specific tastes aren’t going anywhere, soon.

It’s cool* how media is reigniting excitement for older shows. ‘The OC’ has a podcast: Welcome to the OC Bitches (an iconic line), so does Scrubs Fake Doctors, Real Friends and of course, the office ladies. But also – our collective voices (and a kick starter) is why there was a movie and 8 episodes of a 4th season of Veronica Mars, seven and 12 years respectively years after the show went off the air; why we got to see how Rory Gilmore’s life turned out, and why there were three revival movies with 80s kids Gus and Shawn in Psych.

E Online wrote about the similarities between Ginny and Georgia and the Gilmore Girls and that’s nice – but you can go back to Netflix and watch the original, where the writing and the acting is simply better.

“We’re like the Gilmore Girls, but with bigger boobs.”

ginny & Georgia, Season 1

Okay sure, but you know what Ginny & Georgia don’t have – and I mean at all? The angst filled, ‘I don’t give a damn,’ perfected look of a generation. And if all of this has made you nostalgic for a time of cingular minutes, Ryan Atwood being the bad boy, and adding “that’s what she said” to any and everything, here’s more – 100 Pop Culture things that make you a millennial. Enjoy the trip down the Gen Y memory lane!

*don’t let some kid tell you they invented cool, they didn’t.

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